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When your car's windshield or other auto glass needs repair or replacement, see Hometown Glass & Improvement Inc before it's too late.

Untreated chips and cracks can grow and, of course, you never want to be in even the smallest fender bender if you can't rely on the safety of your windshield!

Fix Chips and Cracks Right Away

Don't let windshield chips and cracks impair your visibility or grow to the point where you need to replace the whole unit.

At Hometown Glass & Improvement, we keep repairs inexpensive and convenient. Most insurance companies will reimburse your repair charge and the job can usually be done in less than an hour.

You'll also be making an environmentally friendly decision because repairing your chipped or cracked windshield will keep it out of the local landfill, where it will last pretty much forever!
Crack repair

Keep Yourself and Your Passengers Safe

When the integrity of your windshield is compromised by a chip or crack, its ability to withstand an impact will be diminished. This puts everyone in the vehicle at risk because it reduces the structural integrity of the vehicle overall.

Let us take a look at any fault in your windshield. We'll see if it can be repaired or if the windshield should be replaced.
Windshield replacement

Proper Windshield Replacements Available

Unlike the tempered auto glass in the rest of your vehicle, your windshield is laminated to make it shatter proof. Lamination helps windshields withstand impacts but when they are sufficiently damaged by a break or crack, they need to be replaced.

We'll help you make an informed decision and, when replacement is required, you'll get a properly fitted, expertly secured unit. 

Serving a Wide Variety of Vehicles

Drive with one less worry when you get windshield service from Hometown Glass & Improvement, no matter what you're driving.
  • Auto
  • RV
  • Farm equipment
  • Semi
  • Bus
  • Train
Call 920-887-3757 or come see us today at N7171 Raceway Rd. We give FREE estimates and offer 24-hour emergency service.
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